Respite Care

The Braun Home currently operates a 9 bed group home with 6 additional beds reserved for respite care. Respite care can be utilized by families who are taking care of a loved one with disabilities when they need a break or assistance with care for a short period of time. Respite care is also used when a person with disabilities needs an emergency placement.

I felt very confident leaving him in your care and have no doubt, the best care was given! I would recommend the Braun Home to anyone. Thank you again.


Individualized Supported Living

The Braun Home now has 30+ Individualized Supported Living Homes in Fayette, Moberly, and Fulton, Missouri and as the need grows we will continue to grow. These homes are located in quiet, well kept neighborhoods and our clients are encouraged to be independent, responsible members of their community. They attend social events, assist with taking care of their homes and enjoy shopping within their community.

Fulton Individualized Supported Living

We have one Individualized Supported Living home in Fulton, Missouri that specializes in serving developmentally disabled individuals who are also hearing impaired. Although challenging, this has been a much needed service in the state of Missouri.

Transportation Services

The Braun Home is contracted to provide transportation services to people with disabilities that reside in each county. We currently transport clients to various places of employment in Fayette, Glasgow, Boonville, Moberly, and Fulton, Missouri.

Intensive Residential Habilitation

We provide Intensive Residential Habilitation which assists our agency in successfully supporting individuals with challenging behavior problems. The Braun Home has a proven history of supporting clients long term, even during challenging behaviors or medical crises.