The goal and purpose of the Braun Home is to provide individualized services to developmentally disabled/mentally ill adults in a variety of settings.  We provide residential habilitation, community placement via independent living arrangements, personal assistants, and respite care as needed.  Our philosophy is client-centered, with written goals and plans for each client.  We treat everyone with love, respect and dignity.  We believe that we work together with clients utilizing all available support services to achieve clients’ goals.  We have a caring advocate team that works to enhance lives, respect individuality, and promote community membership.  We support each client’s participation in community life at the level they desire.

  • We hold that each individual is entitled to the same dignity, respect, and opportunities as all other members of society and that consumers, staff, families, and friends are to be treated with respect and dignity.
  • We are firmly committed to helping the people we serve achieve their potential for individuality, independence, productivity, and inclusion in their communities.
  • We pledge to maintain the highest level of excellence, professionalism, and sensitivity in all that we do.

All facets of Home Community Based Services are incorporated into our program.

Our home does not believe in discharging people due to behavioral or medical crisis. Instead, we prefer to utilize the supports and resources available to us through the Regional Center in order to address the short and long term behavioral support needs of the individual.

Our philosophy of “Everyone Deserves a Home” is evident in our proven history of supporting individuals long term, even when challenging issues arise.

Kind Words

I just want to say, “Thank You” for all you have done for our daughter. We know how difficult she can be at times.
I feel confident that my sister is receiving excellent care. You are always quick to return my calls. Thanks for providing such a loving home for her.